About Us

As we continue to grow, these are the core values that help us to define our direction.

MyCommunityWatch Alerts are a free service. We plan to keep it that way.

We keep everyone’s privacy top of mind. We only publish anonymized public data. We do not publish the names or addresses of anyone involved in a reported incident. The locations of all incidents are randomly offset to the nearest intersection. We do not share our mailing or your contact information with anyone.

We believe in putting crime in perspective. We believe in unbiased fact-based data reporting. We do not believe in spreading rumours, sowing fear, or promoting vigilantism.

We only use on verified data. We only report incidents that can be verified. Every reported incident includes a police reference number that can be referred to an active investigation. MyCommunityWatch Alerts use the most accurate data available at the time of their release.

We believe in making open data more accessible. Open data is a valuable and powerful public resource. We want to make it easier to access and easier to understand for everyone.

We believe in making open data more personalized and actionable. We use your postal code to send you notifications when a crime is reported in your area — making it more relevant and meaningful to you. Taking action can be as simple as reviewing crime prevention tips and taking precautions, talking to friends and family about it, or reporting suspicious activity you have seen or heard to the proper authorities.

Who Are We?

Our team is made up of like-minded volunteers and Toronto-area residents whose work with Neighbourhood Watch and Community Police Liaison Committees has been recognized by the Toronto Police Service, local media outlets, and members of government.

MyCommunityWatch is designed for local area residents, caregivers, schools, business owners, community leaders, Neighbourhood Watch groups, Homeowners Associations (HOAs), Business Improvement Areas (BIAs), Community Police Liaison Committees (CPLCs), etc. Our experience has proven that there is a great deal of public interest in receiving crime notifications and helping to improve the safety and security of our neighbourhoods.

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MyCommunityWatch in Your Neighbourhood

MyCommunityWatch is a non-profit giveback project created and supported by hard-working volunteers. From our humble beginnings, we are proud to announce that MyCommunityWatch is now available to all residents of TorontoYorkPeelDurhamHalton and Santa Clara County, California.

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